Unique Wedding Theme Idea

Beach, garden wedding, fairy tale, Asian theme, winter, spring, summer or fall wedding themes are so used up by so many couples who have gotten married in the past decades. For sure, you want a unique and something new idea for your own wedding. Why not use your birthstone as your wedding theme? There is a corresponding birthstone on each month. Every birthstone has color, and each of them as an equivalent meaning. It would be great to convey the meaning of your birthstone on your wedding or that something you wish for on your married life. If you do not know your birthstone, here is the list.

  • January’s red birthstone is a garnet. The meanings include friendship, trust, guidance and power.
  • February’s purple birthstone is amethyst and symbolizes peace, protection, power, wisdom and spirituality.
  • March’s greenish-blue birthstone, aquamarine, is associated with water and protection. It often signifies health and hope.
  • April’s birthstone is the ever-popular diamond. Diamonds represent eternity and strength.
  • May’s birthstone is an emerald. This deep green stone represents rebirth, life and healing.
  • June has two birthstones. The white pearl represents purity and virtue, while the color-changing alexandrite represents luck and love.
  • July’s red birthstone, ruby, represents health, wisdom, harmony and love.
  • August’s vibrant lime-green birthstone, peridot, symbolizes protection, power and life.
  • September’s blue birthstone is sapphire. This gem represents faith, protection and truth.
  • October’s birthstone varies, but it is often a multi-colored opal representing change.
  • November’s yellow-orange birthstone, the topaz, represents strength, sanity and life.
  • December’s blue birthstones–tanzanite, zircon and turquoise–symbolize peace and tranquility.

A beautiful stone for every month, each with a special meaning. You can base the color of your gowns and dresses from the color of your birthstone gem. Also, for your wedding invitation card designs, reception decoration, reception table centerpiece, and even you wedding favors would be on their exquisite daintiness as they resemble your birthstone wedding theme. As your bridal accessories, your birthstone gems would be a perfect match on your gown. Even for your wonderful maid of honor, beautiful bridesmaids, and very cute flower girls can be accessorized with the birthstone gems you used for your wedding theme. Just imagining yourself with the elegance of your birthstone gem wedding theme, you will surely be delighted with the outcome of the event. Each sparkle brings a future that enhances every mood of your guest. This is certainly a new unique wedding theme idea that you can have for your wedding. With this, you would never have to wonder anymore how your wedding will be.

Try to check here if you are looking for more ideas of your wedding apparels that would correspond to your wedding theme. If you choose to have your wedding arranged by utilizing your birthstone gem and color, you will definitely be offered a wide variety of options to choose from; from wedding invitations, decorations, accessories, wedding favors, and even your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.

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