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Finding Cheap Wedding Rings

Just because you intend to go for cheap wedding rings doesnt mean that you have to sacrifice on quality, beauty or style. In fact, its a wise choice to save on your money wherever you can since your wedding band can consume a substantial share of your wedding budget.

Tips On Buying Cheap Marriage Rings

Among hundreds of options, you can easily find the one fit your budget. Here are some ready tips to shop for one.

Pick The Metal First

Platinum is the metal of choice for many brides at the moment, but its also the most expensive of all the jewelry metals almost twice the price of gold. If you are after a silver look, why not try white gold? You get the durability of gold, with the look of platinum but at half the price. White gold wedding rings are gaining in popularity. Titanium wedding band are also very cheap, ultra light and very hardwearing, making them another perfect solution for a low budget. For really cheap rings, silver is the way to go.

Weight Counts

Since metals are priced by weight, the thicker your marriage band is, the higher the price will be. By going for thinner bands, you can bring the cost down substantially. Also, fancier the design, possibilities are that higher it would cost.

Know Your Limits

When shopping around, remember your budget. Only see bands that fall within that budget. It sometimes becomes difficult to resist the temptation of a fancy ring. You can always upgrade your band later in life.

Buy Directly

If you buy your wedding bands directly from the manufacturers, chances are that you will get a competitive price. Resellers and distributors have their share of profit included in the price too.

Try Other Sources Too

Online stores save much on the overheads that generally accompany a normal store. They are able to pass this benefit to their customers by offering discounted rates.

But if you dont fancy buying online, then there are several good places in the real world where you can find bargains. Many jewelry stores display beautiful and exquisite cheap marriage rings. These bands come in 14k yellow, white, tri color, and two tones gold with diamonds, pearls, and cubic zirconia studded in them. There are many styles and sizes of rings to match peoples different needs and interests and are available in simple, extravagant, and exquisite styles at reasonable rates.

Independent jewelers are much more likely to give you discounts if you ask, so dont be afraid to bargain. Jewelry designs also often go out of fashion after a period of time and hence lose their market. Such jewelry can be picked up cheap during their clearance sales at very low prices, because the sellers want to get rid of the stock instead of bearing the maintenance costs.

Always shop around to compare prices. When you know youve found the best deal strike. It is essential to make certain that jewelry stores selling at discounted prices sell genuine wedding rings and are not selling fakes.

Do not shy from considering buying cheap wedding band. After all, its not the value that counts its what the ring symbolizes.

Tips to Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are many ways to style your hair for a wedding. You can create elegant-looking hairstyle with straight hair or gorgeous hairstyles with curly hair. Or you can simply leave your hair open and use few accessories for a flattering relaxed look. Updo hairstyles are one of the most popular when it comes to wedding hairstyles, here are various hair updo ideas and other hairstyles. Read on…

Easy Elegant Updo: If you want an elegant looking updo wedding hairstyle, then use these ideas. This updo looks great on people who have medium-length hair. If you have wavy hair, then use a flat iron to straighten it. Then part the hair sideways and form a French bun style. Use a simple and elegant jeweled pin to accessorize.

Messy Romantic Updo: Messy bun style looks even more beautiful on hair which have lot of colored streaks in them. To style your hair using this idea, comb your hair. Then scoop all the hair back and secure them in a simple bun using a rubber band. Then take out small hair strands from the sides and near the nape of neck. This will give the messy bun look. If you want to accessorize, then use some dangling earrings.

Half Updo: Half updo hairstyles look very romantic and work with wavy or curly hair. You can get curly or wavy hair either with a curling iron or with a sea salt spray. Once you have curly hair, then scoop the front hair back and secure half of the hair using a beautiful floral pin near the crown at the back of the head and let the hair loose. Arrange some hair strands over the shoulder.

Braided Updo: Middle part your hair and start creating mini French braids on both the sides of the parting, then collect them to the back hair and create a simple three structured braid, and roll it at the nape of the neck to create a bun. Secure it with a lot of hair pins. Stick a beautiful floral pin in the bun.

Side Ponytail Style: Side ponytail hairstyle can look great as wedding or prom hairstyles and are very easy to create. First style your hair wavy, then side part your hair and tie them into a loose ponytail with a beautiful rubber band. Then place the ponytail over one shoulder and take out some hair strands from the sides to soften your look. A strapless gown looks great with this style.

Fishtail Style: If you have very long and thick hair, then tie your hair using fishtail braid instructions. Middle part your hair and start creating the braid around your chin length, then take out some hair strands from the sides to soften your look. You can place small jeweled pins in the braid to accessorize.

Simple Headband Style: If you don’t have much time to get ready for the wedding, then use these simple long hairstyle ideas. Style your hair into beautiful curly locks using a curling iron. Then scoop your hair back and place a two striped silver hair band to complete your look.

Curly Hair Updo: If you have naturally curly hair or want to create romantic-looking curly updo hairstyle then use these ideas. To create hairstyles for long curly hair, scoop all the hair back and tie them into a loose bun near the crown. Then take out some bangs from the front to complete your look.

So use the above mentioned ideas to create beautiful-looking wedding hairstyles. Make sure you use a hair spray once you have styled your hair to make your style last longer

Ways to Raise Money for a Wedding

God! Things are so expensive these days. Nothing comes cheap, as I’m sure you’ve noticed and are of course living it everyday. At times like these then when everyday life is so expensive and in comes the fact that you have to make arrangements for your wedding…cold sweat running down your spine? I can understand. You need some extra cash, don’t you? That would make things so much simpler and ensure that you have a wedding close to your dream wedding. But how are you going to raise that money? First, stop worrying and second, start reading the following article. Because in this following article, we will give you some of the best ways by which you can raise money and get that much-needed extra cash coming in. Interested? Of course, you are.

Ways to Raise Money for a Wedding

Let’s get one thing right, the farther away the wedding is, you get that much more time to make arrangements for the wedding and ensure that you have a sizable amount saved for yourself. Ideas? Let’s get to those immediately.

Effective Means of Raising Money
Here are the simplest and some of the most effective ways of raising that cash. These could hardly ever go wrong and will ensure that you get the needed cash.

Savings Account
Just like you would save for your education or a home, you need to save for your wedding as well. And why not? You might think that it is not as important a task as saving for more important things. However, if you want a good wedding, you will need the cash. Invest in a small term account that has high returns and then just keep saving, no matter how little you do. Over a period of time there will be a sizable amount of cash.

Personal Loan
Another option that you can look into is taking a loan. If the wedding is in the near future and there is no time to raise that money any other way, then you can take up a loan and then work to pay off that loan. If you don’t like the tension of a personal loan then you could even get a loan from your parents or relatives and then work towards paying it off.

Fun Ways of Raising Money
And then there are the fun ways of raising money for the wedding. Here are some ways that you can definitely draw inspiration from.

Tap into Talent
The answer lies in your skills. All you have to do is find what you are good at and what you can convert into means for getting that cash. Tutoring students, supplying baked goods to a local bakery, taking up hobby classes over the summer, writing or editing for a website or even taking up a second job over the weekend is a great way to raise that cash.

Arrange for a Fiesta
Arrange for a fiesta. Sounds expensive? It need not be! All you have to do is provide for a place and then ask your friends and relatives to help you out. Some can set up stalls for foods, while others can take care of the entertainment. Then all you have to do is arrange for a show stopper. Have some famous artist come in and perform or hold a major raffle contest or you yourself do something like a daring act etc. As far as you get the crowds in and give them what they are looking for, you are set.

Yard Sale
Sounds boring? Look at it this way. Not only are you raising that extra cash, you are also getting rid of all that you don’t need and starting out fresh. De-clutter is a great way to begin your new life.

Another simple way of raising money is to really concentrate on saving. Like save with an unparalleled zeal. How? Find out where you are spending cash that you can easily save, like coffees or snacks. These can be easily replaced with homemade coffee and snacks. Similarly, try and cut down on the guest list, host the wedding on a weekday, hire a less known band and the like. When you see how much money you’ve managed to save in this way, you’ll be less stressed because of it.

And there you have it, some of the best ways on how to raise that extra cash for the wedding and ensure that you get what you are looking for – a dream wedding. Whatever you do to raise money for the wedding, it is obvious that you have to plan for the event before it is on you.

Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Wedding is the happiest and the most memorable day, especially in a woman’s life. It is not just the union of two people but of two families and even the union of two cultures in case of some marriages. All the ceremonies during a wedding are significant and care is taken so that nothing goes wrong during any of the ceremonies. In the eastern culture, especially in India, red wedding saris are designed for the brides as color red is thought to be the color of good luck. In the west long white wedding gowns are a custom. Though these days, we do see a lot of people going for colored gowns as well. Everything related to the wedding is special as well as important and so is ‘the wedding dress’. The nature of importance of the wedding dress can vary across cultures, but people do like to keep it safe for a long time.

Your wedding dress is definitely a prized possession for you. You spend a lot of time and money in selecting it. It makes you look stunning and you feel really very special on the big day of your life. So you should protect your dress from getting wasted. One can preserve the dress according to one’s own ideas, but, along with that it’s safe to follow some standard tips to preserve it. Here are a few very useful guidelines you can consider to preserve your wedding dress.
Preserving Tips

➤ You should try to clean the dress soon after the wedding. If you wait too long the stains become older and are difficult to remove.
➤ You should choose a standard and qualified professional wedding dress specialist to clean it.
➤ The basic cost of cleaning and preservation with a few stains is not more than $200. The cost may vary according to the cloth used and also the pattern of the dress. A silk gown with long train, for example, having extensive staining and also with large amounts of lace trim and braiding can cost between $400 to $800. You should consider this expense as a necessary one because it is definitely a lesser amount than what you had spent to buy the dress. When you are successful in preserving your dress, its makes you feel happy that your investment is not wasted.
➤ You must ask the cleaner to use solvents that are different from those used for normal or regular clothes.
➤ Use of gentler cleaners and acid free environment is essential while cleaning your wedding dress.
➤ Many women want to dye their wedding gowns. But, dying any fabric once it’s turned into a garment is quite tricky. So avoid dying it.

➤ You should find a place to store your wedding dress that is easily accessible. Do not stack the storage place with other things.

➤ You should never keep your wedding dress hanging, rather it should be placed in box. However, never store your wedding dress in an air tight box because clothes also need to breathe.

➤ Do not store it in attic or basement because the place is too damp.
➤ Never keep camphor balls inside the storage box. The chemicals in them can destroy the fabric.
➤ You must try to place acid free tissues in the box and within the folds of the dress to keep the environment constant and prevent wrinkles.

➤ Before handling your cleaned dress wear cotton gloves or wash hands properly. The oil from your hands might damage the dress.
➤ Before storing the wedding dress you should take care to remove all the pins and metal buttons if any, because they can destroy the fabric. Also any foam material should be removed before storing the dress.
➤ Packing of the dress is equally important for preserving it for long. Use of plastic material for wrapping the dress will cause wrinkles and trap moisture, ruining your dress. Instead, use unbleached, muslin or white acid-free tissue papers to wrap the dress. Avoid using an ordinary or a colored tissue paper as it will destroy the dress.
➤ You should keep monitoring the condition of your wedding dress to find if there are any problems occurring and address them properly. You must have a look at it at least once in two years.
These tips and your own ideas of preservation will definitely help you in preserving your wedding dress and make it look as new as it did at the time of your wedding. Do take proper care of your investment and preserve it for years to come.

Ways to Choose Best Flower Decoration for Wedding

Today, there are thousands of florists located all over the world & these professionals also involve in wedding decorations. Some of the online stores know a lot of about best wedding flowers and they order those from across the world. They specialize in creating beautiful arrangements of flowers for the bride to enhance her beauty. Selecting the right flowers for your wedding decoration is almost very important task since it changes the overall look and feel of wedding event. Nowadays there are wider choices than before, since florists in this field offer us with beautiful and exotic flowers.

Try & Make your own choices:

This is your wedding, don’t think of others choices, and choose flowers that you love the most. Get the help of florists to know about ideas of the arrangement that comes under your budget.

Know well before choosing flowers:

If you don’t have any idea about the types of flowers that are used for wedding, simply look at the magazines or books that focus on flowers. This gives idea about the flowers used for wedding decoration. You can also take a tour to the botanical garden from where you can get idea of different flowers.

Be clear with your Budget:

Decorating with more expensive flowers may exceed your budget and drown your wedding mood on the day. So, prepare budget and then discuss with your florists and start selecting the designs that comes within your budget

Ask for references:

After selecting flowers that you wish, ask your florists, your relatives or your friends to suggest vendors who used those flowers or any venue that uses those flowers for their decoration. You can also contact different vendors after short-listing the one who can offer you with the best prices.

How to manage the Expenses:

Selecting those seasonal flowers that can be easily available in this season, instead of choosing those flowers that are rarely available in this season will reduce half of the expenses that may happen for your wedding occasion. You can also use mixed combination of flowers to manage your expenses.

Use Different combinations:

Decorating only with flowers will make a feel that something is missing. Thus, using other decorative materials like ribbons, frills, drapes etc. will give a perfect look to decoration. You can keep flower arrangements in the prominent place and other at the background.

Think about colours of flowers:

Choosing those flowers that complement the bridal dress and the wedding theme is important part of your decision. This will give finishing touch to your occasion. The colour of flower can be chosen from colour wheel, which can be asked from florists. You can also use combination of one or more colours for perfect touch.

Finding Professional wedding photographer

You’re wedding day is a standout amongst the most critical days of your life. Getting hitched will be a period you will never need to overlook. You will need to catch each snippet of your enormous day. In this way you will need the best wedding photographer that will give you the best.

Contracting an expert wedding photographer Glasgow does not imply that the photographic artist will cost you a fortune. A large number of the photographers are sensibly evaluated. The sum you will spend on your wedding photographer will depend totally on the administrations you require. You can browse an assortment of wedding photography bundles. This is the point at which you will have the capacity to redo you’re wedding bundle to suit your financial plan. A percentage of the classes of photography bundles that you will get the chance to look over are: photography, videography and creator collections. Photography comprises just of the photographs taken amid the wedding. Videography is basically a video of the day of your wedding. Architect collections are wedding collections that the photographer will make for you with the photographs that you need in your collection.

It is imperative that you become acquainted with your photographer. Set up a date with your photographer amid which you and your accomplice will have the chance to meet him/her in advance. At your meeting you can observe past photographic work. This will give you a thought of the style of the photographer, making it less demanding for you to settle on the right choice. The ideal spot to meet, become more acquainted with your photographer and observe his/her work will be at a wedding expo or through your wedding organizer. Go around to wedding expos, it will offer you some assistance with finding the ideal photographer for you. You will have the opportunity to locate the one you click with.

It is imperative that you become acquainted with your photographer. Set up a date with your photographer amid which you and your accomplice will have the chance to meet him/her in advance. At your meeting you can observe past photographic work. This will give you a thought of the style of the photographer, making it less demanding for you to settle on the right choice. The ideal spot to meet, become more acquainted with your photographer and observe his/her work will be at a wedding expo or through your wedding organizer. Go around to wedding expos, it will offer you some assistance with finding the ideal photographer for you. You will have the opportunity to locate the one you click with.

You’re wedding photographer is going to give you the photos that will speak to a standout amongst the most vital times of your life. Giving you the captured minutes which you will treasure for whatever is left of time.

Tips for Wedding Photographers

When the average American family spends so much on photography, it’s only imperative for every wedding photographer to deliver their best.

However, owing to their unique approach to treating a wedding, photographers can vary and so can their results.

Regardless of their personal take on wedding and years of experience, every photographer can benefit from the following tips.

Shooting Outdoors: Stay Flexible

Shooting outdoors, especially during pre-wedding photo shoot schedule, is a common practice today. The photographer needs to find a beautiful location where he/she can take pretty pictures of the wedding couple.

However, the weather can play a spoilsport. As a photographer, you need to have a backup plan just in case something didn’t go according to your initial plans.

If your client is counting on you, make sure you don’t let them down. There’s nothing you can do about the weather while shooting outdoors. Therefore, having an alternative plan can bail you out of an otherwise impending disaster.

Greeting the Bride: Make Her Comfortable

Wedding photography is different from other jobs in many ways. You’re documenting an event which involves myriad emotions and is very special for the bride and groom.

As a professional photographer, therefore, you should remember to connect with the bride/groom before the shoot.

Greeting the bride or speaking to her, for example, may take only a couple of minutes but it can really set the tone for the entire day. When the wedding couple is at ease, they can emote well, which can reflect well on their photographs.

In fact, many wedding photographers consider this as an extremely crucial part of their job. So, before you pull out your camera and other equipment, just get along with your client for a while. It can make the stressful job a tad easier.

Focussing on Details

Attention to detail is key to getting the best results for your photo shoot. Since every wedding is unique and brings new challenges, you should wear your creative hat.

The details such as the dressing, backdrop, and emotions of the wedding couple should mingle well in order for you to get the best results.

As a photographer, you should experiment with different backgrounds that go well with the wedding mood.

Depending on the background and mood of the couple, you need to decide whether it is a landscape or portrait.

Utilizing Your Assistant

Smart wedding photographers know how to collaborate with their assistant.

Screen Grab of How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony by Christine Chang

An assistant photographer can help you come up with more creative shoot ideas and click the wedding couple from different angles, making your job easy and fun.

If you’re shooting for family formals sessions, you can ask your assistant to get them ready while you’re busy adjusting the lights and camera lenses.

By using your assistant creatively, you can not only get the job done easily but offer him/her an opportunity to learn as well.

Here’s a great video by Christine Chang where she explains how you can use your assistant to capture the best shots.

Backup Shoes

Shooting a wedding event can be extremely stressful for photographers. They need to walk around the venue a lot and, the job is even more challenging when it’s an outdoor shoot.

To make sure you have happy feet throughout your shoot, carry a separate pair of shoes and wear them whenever you want to give your feet a break.

When the pressure of the event keeps on mounting, an extra pair of shoes can be a stress-reliever and life-saver at times.

Final Words

Wedding photography is a very responsible job and it involves many potential challenges that you should be ready to face.

Did you ever face any particular challenges during a wedding shoot? What did you learn from it? Please, share your comments.

Dress for a Summer Wedding

The wedding day is the most special day for the bride and bridegroom. Every bride wants to look and feel her prettiest on D-day. All eyes may be on the bride, but that is no excuse for the other ladies not to look their best as well. It is an unsaid fashion rule for women all over, we do not repeat a look for special occasions. Sure enough, this may put you into a style dilemma. Here are certain guidelines and suggestions you can use to qualify as the best dressed guest.
Style for Women
Always ensure you know about the location of the wedding before making any plans to shop for the attire. Ask the bride or groom about the kind of dress code that would be preferred. This would help you to select the right attire, keeping the theme and location in mind. You can go in for a complete formal look if the summer wedding is planned as an indoor event. If outdoors, for example, on a beach, a semi-formal summer dress or a skirt with a pretty blouse is your go-to look. The venue can give you a wider option to plan for the wedding attire.

You can opt for layers for a summer wedding. The summer night can be cool, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to use that stylish shrug, over a tube dress for example. In case the weather gets too hot, simply take off the shrug! Layered clothing is quite a popular trend for formal as well as casual occasions. Summers give you the opportunity to bring out all those tiny skirts and tank tops. However, when dressing for a wedding, a certain dress code needs to be maintained. Opt for sleeveless or halter or even tube dresses, and show off your gorgeous tan. A knee-length dress or skirt is the ideal length for a wedding.
Colors play an important role in making you look stylish. Bright colors and vibrant shades are the right choice to bring out the true flavor of the summer season. Personally, I feel that floral patterns look the cutest, and what better season to flaunt them than summer. This is the time you can really experiment with patterns and colors. For a daytime wedding, go for colors like baby pink, lime yellow or teal. If the wedding is an evening affair, wine red, royal blue or mauve are your safest bet

The scorching heat is bound to have adverse effects on you during the summer months. Hence, go in for dresses with lightweight fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, crepe, organza and georgette, that are comfortable, yet look stylish. Look for elegant designs that are easy to manage throughout the day. If the dress is too short, you may not feel at ease throughout the wedding, and this may keep you from enjoying yourself. Whereas, an exceptionally heavy and long dress can be a hassle to manage.

No wedding look for a lady is complete without the right jewelry. However, summer weddings are not the right time to sport heavy and elaborate jewelry items. Keep it simple and elegant. Pearls are the prettiest option for summer weddings. Go in for dainty, delicate pieces, and remember to work around any one piece of accessory. You can also use embellished hair accessories to up the glam quotient of your look.
Selecting the right footwear is of utmost importance for a wedding, not only for the bride, but also for the guests. You can wear wedges for daytime weddings. Your feet need to breathe, and closed shoes may not be an ideal choice in this season. Also, when it comes to footwear, remember that comfort is the key factor. A beach wedding calls for simple yet pretty flats. The last thing you would need is walking around in stilettos in the sand.
Style for Men

When it comes to weddings, men too like to be smartly dressed for the occasion. For a daytime look, men can opt for light-colored shirts with linen pants or even a classy pair of denims. One can avoid a blazer during the day. Going for an evening do? Then shift from light-colored shirts to something darker. Make the look appropriate for the evening by wearing a blazer, which you can take off if it starts getting hot. Men should stick to formal shoes, as these look classy.

Finding Wedding Catering Service in Singapore

The wedding is the most exciting part of everyone’s life. If you are living in Singapore or wish to make your wedding memorable for the lifetime by organizing it in Singapore then you should never forget to avail the services of Wedding Catering Singapore. Their services will not only relieve you from all the catering arrangements but will also hypnotize your guests with their arrangement and various cuisines. You should always look for catering for the special day and enjoy the innovative dishes that are seasonally produced in the country. Thus, if you are planning for a wedding and wish to enjoy every aspect of life in this special moment, then pick the right caterer. A good food is an important element that enhances the pleasure and beauty of an occasion. Thus, you can never compromise on this aspect when are in Singapore.

You must have dreamed to organize a wedding party that is comfortable to everyone. For this, arrangement and preparations are important tasks. It is very difficult to make necessary arrangement and require teamwork. For this, there are organizations that hold expertise in managing all the catering asks for their clients. Just hire them and they will relieve you from such tiring job. You can concentrate on other important tasks for your marriage party. With their experience, dictated team and contact can provide you the low-cost arrangement for all the catering requirements. They will also make necessary arrangements for fresh dishes, vegetables and other elements that will excite your guests when they taste the food.

You must be aware that the most important task of the guests is to enjoy the delicious food in a wedding. Thus, you should surprise them by availing the services of Wedding Catering Singapore. The responsibility of caterers is dedicated to arranging for cake, food, beverages, budget, entertainment, venue set up, budget planning, lights, and sounds. It is for sure that a wedding party is incomplete if you do not make necessary arrangement for all such elements. Thus, look for the decent and professional Wedding Catering service provider in your area.

For this, you can trust on the internet to ease your search for the Wedding Catering Singapore. For a qualified caterer, you should clearly understand the expertise of the staff, staff members, training, capability, past experience, budget, and requirements. You can specify your requirement and get quotes from the top caterers. Finally, you can pick the one that fits your budget and well understand your desires. Hence, when you are done with the selection job, you can be assured that you are all set for a happy wedding party. Your guest will have a stress free and comfortable time in the party. Therefore, for making this wedding a memorable one for a lifetime, you need to trust only the professionals in the industry to care for the catering services. You will have to pay genuine charges and the service will be of high quality. It is for sure that a professional can only understand your desire and turn it into reality.

Ways to Start a Wedding Dress Business

Starting a wedding dress business can be a creative and interesting way of entering a business. It is not only enjoyable but also a highly profit-oriented one. Also, every day you will get to meet many women who would want a ‘perfect’ wedding dress for the most important day in their lives. It will always be better if you had an experience in managing a wedding dress business before. This will help cater to its smallest requirements in a better way. You can either go for a start-up or buy an already-existing wedding dress business. Also, remember not to overstock the wedding dress as the trends will keep changing with every season. However, do remember to get a design in various sizes for different women. The latter will prove to be extremely cost-effective for you. Here are a few essential steps for starting a wedding dress business.

Conduct Research

It is important that you conduct market research before starting the business. Consult someone who is doing the same business in another area for guidance. Know about the age group demographics of your clients. Understand their tastes, and stock up your shop accordingly. Knowledge about having a shop in which area can generate maximum profit. Decide if you are going to go for high-end designers or local wholesalers; your budget will be dependent on this. You can also provide custom-made designing and stitching services. Make a foolproof business plan before to start the venture.

Know What’s in Vogue

This is one step which you will always have to undertake. Fashion is perhaps the most dynamic thing ever, and it will keep changing. You, as the entrepreneur, will have to be always abreast with the latest trend in wedding dresses by reading magazines, browsing websites, and attending wedding dress fashion shows. Many women want wedding dresses that reflect a current trend, and you will lose out on business if you do not know what is selling like ‘hot cakes’.

Name Your Business

It is of utmost importance that you give a feminine, fashionable, or romantic name to your bridal shop as it will act as a crowd-puller and get you many clients. Ensure that the name is unique and striking enough to entice people to visit your shop. You can also give the shop your name if it sounds trendy.

Get the License to Do Business

You will have to register the business as ‘doing business as.’ Apart from that, you will also need to avail a business license. Inquire with the local, state, and federal authorities to know about the licenses and permits required to conduct this business.

Scout for the Perfect Location

It is advisable that you get a shop at a commercially viable location. It can be on a high-end street, in a mall, etc. Find a place that will have a good foot traffic such that when women pass by your shop, they will linger outside watching the items displayed. This can prompt them to visit your shop when they will require a wedding dress or recommend your shop to others. You can also have your shop where other wedding-related vendors are located like the wedding planners, bakers, florists, photographers, reception halls, etc.

Awesome Window Display

Ensure that you have a trendy window display right outside your store. This can pull a lot of customers to your shop. Make sure you change it on a regular basis or according to the fashion season. If you can afford, you can even hire a professional to design the display for you.

Do Up the Interiors

Buy a store that will be able to accommodate the bride as well as her entourage. It would be nice if you use bright pastel colors for the store décor. Ensure that you have enough space to accommodate mirrors, shelves, dressing rooms, racks, etc. Try to store similar wedding dresses in one rack; for example, the dresses with lace can go one side while the one with pearls or rhinestones can go on the other. Add a few decorative pieces that will enhance the look of the store.

Find Wholesalers

You will need suppliers of dresses for your shop for sourcing the wedding dresses. Visit the wholesalers personally, and have a look at their stock. If you want a certain design custom-made, discuss it with their designer. Hire a transport company who will pick the dresses from the wholesalers and bring them to your shop. Ensure that they are reliable ones and will not lead to fraud or spoil the dresses.

Put on Price Tags

Ensure you make at least 25% over what you paid to the wholesalers. Hence, do not forget to add price tags after making the necessary calculations. Also, if you are offering any kind of end of season sale, ensure that you will still earn a substantial amount from it.

Network with the Right People

For expanding your business, you will have to network with the right people. First and foremost, get to know as many wedding planners as you can, because these are the people that give recommendations to the clients. If they can route their clients to your shop, there’s nothing like it. Also, have business alliances with photographers who can give your reference to the bride-to-be.

Hire Employees

If your shop is big and centrally located, there will be a lot of customers who will be flocking in. You will have to run from pillar to post when dealing with them; hence, it is advisable to hire an assistant. However, ensure that the assistant is presentable, has persuasion skills, salesmanship, and the knack of selling. You should provide her training for helping out the customer. Make her understand that selecting a bridal dress should be a fun time for the bride, so cooperate with her.

Wedding Merchandising

You can expand your business by even offering the accessories that go with the wedding dress. For example, different types of veils, hair accessories, gloves, shoes, fine jewelry, etc. If you have the space and the budget, you may also offer mother-of-the-bride dresses, bridesmaids outfits, flower girl outfits, etc.
Have a Website

Ensure that you host a website for your business. Make sure it has lots of designs and photos of wedding gowns and other accessories. Ensure that the website has a rich look and feel. This can act as a great marketing tool, so its power should not be underestimated. If you have a testimonial or wedding day memory for the dress from a bride, make sure you post it on the website.

Use Social Media

Utilize the social media power for marketing your business. Have dedicated pages for your business on various social media websites. Interact with people through these pages, and update them with new and interesting information.

Promote Your Business

Promote your business by giving ads in the local bridal magazines and websites. You can even host shows where the designs from your shop will be displayed and attract new customers. You can even host a bridal show for your community. Capitalize on the online business by offering to have the dresses altered to the given size and delivered to the bride.
Do understand that if you are going in for a full-fledged business, you will have to pay all the taxes on time to keep legal hassles at a bay. You will have to create a business identity for yourself that will set you apart from your competitors.

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