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Funny Wedding Invitations Ideas

A lot of couples today want their wedding invitations to be different. We couldn’t agree more, most of them are so cliché. A funny invitation not only spreads the joy you intend to, but also shows the effort you have taken to do something that is not ordinary. There are a lot of ways in which you can include humor in your invitation. You can add a funny quote, play with the wording, or add an image that calls for laughs.
Not everyone can pull off a great invitation, but we will help you do just that! There are a lot of funny invitation examples we’ve listed for you; with your would-be, you can zero in on one of your choice. After all, it’s your wedding and you want every part of it to be remembered. Also, though we have suggested how you word the invitation, it’s perfectly alright to try something new, something that you think can better the invitation. Last but not the least, remember to show it to a few people, so that you’re assured it’s really funny.

We managed to preserve our love for so long. Now we’re finally unraveling!
Together, we invite you to our wedding
on ____
at ____
from ____ to ____
R.S.V.P. To ____

Since he has understood the golden rule that keeps us going…
… we’ve decided to tie the knot on ____
at ____ p.m./a.m.
Please join us on this happy occasion and shower us with your blessings.

We’ve got a new reason to be madder!
We’re getting married on ____
at ____
Be a part of this madness from ____ to ____
R.S.V.P. ____

We no longer let our differences come in the way of our love.
To celebrate this love,
we wish to invite you to our wedding on ____
at ____
from ____ a.m./p.m. onwards
Do come and shower us with your blessings!

We’re getting wrapped up!
Come and celebrate with us at our Wedding Party!
on ____
at ____
R.S.V.P. to ____
Celebrations start at ____ a.m./p.m.

Some surprises are worth it!
Just like this invitation…
…announcing our wedding
on ____
at ____
Please be a part of this special day.

Our monkey business is now legal!
That calls for celebration!
To celebrate our love, we welcome you to join our wedding celebrations
on ____
at ____
from ____ to ____

She blinded me with her love!
To celebrate this love and our wedding,
come to ____
on ____ at ____
Be a part of our special day, before I can see again!

My humans are getting hitched. I hope you’ll be there.
Please come and give me company on their wedding day.
Reach ____
at ____ on ____
Please don’t get late!
R.S.V.P. ____
Some More Funny Wedding Invitation Wording
Mr. and Mrs. Davidson & Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
Invite you to a wedding reception in honor of their children
Catherine and Mike.
We will officially turn them lose to make their own beds
On ____
From ____
At ____
Guests found passed out will be charged rent.
R.S.V.P. by ____ to ____
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
Along with Mr. and Mrs. David Davidson
Invite you to witness the wedding of their children
Christopher and Emily
She’ll vow to do his laundry
And he’ll promise to come home at night
And at the end of every argument
They will agree that she will always be right.
[Include details after this paragraph.]
Mr. and Mrs. Davidson
Are delighted to finally give away their daughter, Catherine
To Mike Davidson, who has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.
Come celebrate at the reception we’ve waited a lifetime to throw:
On ____
From ____
At ____
Please respond no later than ____
Don’t look for us, we’d be interviewing renters for Cathy’s room.
Funny Wedding Invitation Quotes and Sayings

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. – Henny Youngman

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. – Oscar Wilde

Marriage is an adventure, like going to war. – Unknown

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness – and call it love – true love. – Robert Fulghum

A happy man marries the girl he loves; a happier man loves the girl he marries. – Anonymous

Now that we have taught you how to word your invitations, you can start preparing them immediately. If you are having a theme for your wedding, try to include elements of it in the invitation. We wish you all the luck!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Marriages

The main purpose of giving gifts to married couples is to help them start their new life together. For a second marriage however, people assume that the couple already has everything they need, so buying gifts for them becomes difficult. More often than not, they are stocked up on the essentials of starting a new life together, hence, the need to have a registry is not felt. This said, the choice of gift is all up to you, so it shouldn’t baffle you.

You can take your liberties and deviate from the traditional gifts that you would have given a newlywed couple. You can contribute to their joy by coming up with something that is unique and well, something they can enjoy as a couple. After all, it is their special day and it makes sense to present them something that will help them start their married life.

Weekend Bonanza

The couple would definitely appreciate some time alone, and a weekend getaway seems the perfect idea for a gift. Most couples may have children from the previous marriage, hence the best way to show you care for them is to babysit their children so that they get some time for themselves. If possible you can even hire a caravan for the couple.

Day at the Spa

The benefits of a nice massage is known to all, then why not give the couple a coupon to a spa. There are a lot of massage treatments for couples on offer at such places. This way they can rejuvenate themselves and also spend enough quality time together.

Gift Basket

A big basket filled with goodies is another good gift choice. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to a gift basket and you can be spot on with something like this.

Hammock Built for Two
A perfect gift for married couples whether it’s a first or second marriage, is a hammock built for two. Doesn’t a hammock spell comfort to you? This way the couple gets to spend time together whenever they can.

Something they Need
You and a few friends could pool your resources and gift the couple something they really need. It could be anything from a couch to a music player. The point is, you have to keep in mind what they really need, considering their taste.

In Kind
The best gift you can give is cash. The couple can use it to purchase whatever they need. Besides, it can come in handy on their honeymoon, and to meet a lot of expenses after the wedding. Think of some innovative ways to give the cash though!

Framed Moments

Get your hand on some of their cherished moments, make a collage and frame it, and present it to the couple. A picture perfect moment always makes for a perfect gift, wedding or otherwise.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates make the perfect gift for any occasion. If they love dancing, give them a gift certificate for any dance classes like salsa or ballroom dancing. Another good option is to give them tickets to a concert or a game show.


The safest bet when it comes to wedding gifts is dinnerware, no matter how many different patterns and sets one has, they are always welcome. You could even customize the dinnerware prior to gifting it.
Say it with a Card
Well, if you are still confused with what to gift the couple, simply give a card to wish them the best in life.
Feelings associated with the gift are equally important – so anything presented with love and admiration will be appreciated. Sometimes, just partaking in their joy is as good as a gift. You can also come up with your ideas for a perfect gift for the couple.

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Young Couples

download-5The honeymoon is that perfect time when you can finally have a rest after the wedding cares and give all your time to your beloved one. Of course, you can just stay at home and order pizza every day for a week (because love is all you need) but we have at least 5 amazing run-away ideas for a great honeymoon.

1. Paris

This may sound a little bit too much of a mainstream, but Paris is by no doubt one of the most popular honeymoon destinations among the newly-weds from all over the world. The city is full of love and has a lot to offer to the couples. You can go to the Louvre to see the most romantic canvas of the old masters, climb the Eiffel tower holding hands or just walk along the narrow streets, have fresh croissants for breakfast and buy your wedding presents on the Champ Elysees. But, actually, France is not only about Paris. If you have enough time, you can also take a trip to the South France where lavender fields make a perfect spot for pictures and create the unforgettable atmosphere. The perfect plan then will sound like a couple of days in Paris, a week to travel along the south part of the country and then, maybe, a trip to the ocean?

2. Maldives

When we think about Maldives, blue water, white sand and small beautiful villa on the remote ocean shore are what come to mind. And this already sound like a perfect honeymoon idea. No sightseeing, no social interactions, just two of you drinking papaya juice somewhere on the private beach. And if you get bored, there are always the craziest options like underwater nightclub or nighttime diving. This kind of holiday will probably cost a pretty penny but you will never forget the trip. Most of the decent hotels in this part of the world have special offers for the honeymooners so you can, at least, expect the bottle of champagne and fresh flowers in your room.

3. Las Vegas

If you are not a romantic kind of a couple and just want to have fun on your honeymoon, Vegas is what you need. The best casinos, hotels and entertainment spots of the world are waiting for the just-married couples on the Las Vegas Strip. That’s the place where you both can drink champagne for breakfast and don’t feel guilty. Online casino fans can finally go offline and try playing roulette, blackjack or various slot machines. And your luck is probably doubled when there are two of you! And there is always something to do when you get tired of gambling and shopping. For instance, you can take a copter-trip to Grand Canyon and spend a day watching one of the most spectacular natural interests ever. Or rent a car and go for a ride to the Death Valley which may sound not too romantic but is still worth seeing.

4. Italy

Italy is a country full of cool honeymoon destinations. You can start with romantic channels of Venice (they call it the Bride of the Sea for a reason), then move to the historical places of Rome and end with the classy shopping in Milan. But you’d better buy the one-size-bigger clothes since you will definitely not be able to skip tasty Italian food. Tons of pizza, pasta and gelato, new wine and lots of sun make a perfect combination for a nice week or two after your wedding. If you want to see the most of the Italy, you can rent a car a make a trip all over the country or, if you are short of time, take a plane to move faster from one point to another.

5. Dubai

The United Arab Emirates are not very popular among the newly-weds and this is a big mistake. Dubai is a very exotic and a unique place which can be a great travel destination both for a honeymoon or just for a holiday if you are not afraid of the really hot weather. For the last few decades, Dubai has turned from the hot empty desert to the absolutely luxurious city full of expensive hotels, restaurants and shopping spots. Here you can easily combine the beach holiday with the unique adventures such as camel ride or watching the fishes in the biggest aquarium in the world.

Wherever you decide to go, the best thing to do is to plan your trip in advance, book all the tickets and hotels so you can completely relax and think of nothing but two of you. May your amazing honeymoon trip be the beginning of the amazing married life and a great adventure!

How to Make Your Wedding Memorable

A formal picture of the bride in her bridal dress and makeup, which is taken a few days before the wedding or sometimes just before the wedding ceremony is known as a bridal portrait. A great bridal portrait is one that accentuates the natural beauty of the bride and captures her happiness and radiance. While there are some modern brides who forgo having a bridal portrait clicked; there are many who would like to have a beautiful bridal portrait to treasure for the rest of their life. The most important element in getting your bridal portrait done is to decide on a competent photographer. The best way to do this is to plan around six to four months ahead of the wedding and make a list of wedding photographers. Review their work carefully and then choose a photographer whose work you like and who you feel comfortable with. Once you have booked a photographer, it is time to concentrate on how to have the best bridal portrait taken that reflects your personality. Here we will discuss some of the best and most creative bridal photography ideas.

Ideas for Bridal Portraits

Whether you choose to have your bridal portrait taken months before the wedding or just after the wedding ceremony, there are ways in which you can make your portrait look spectacular.

Pay Attention to Your Dress, Hair and Makeup
The most important aspect of a bridal portrait is the bridal dress, hairstyle and makeup. If you are having your bridal photograph taken a few weeks before the wedding, then make sure that you dress up in a similar fashion as you intend to dress on your wedding day. Of course it goes without saying that you are going to wear the wedding gown for the photo session. But try to co ordinate the other details of your outfit completely. For the bridal portrait to look genuine and classy, it has to reflect your inner joy and apprehension of the matrimony. Once you slip inside the wedding gown and complete you look with shoes, romantic hairstyle and soft makeup, the picture taken will look natural and beautiful.

Choose a Picturesque and Interesting Location
One of the best bridal portrait ideas is to get your picture taken in a place that has scenic beauty. A location that has a lot of greenery, interesting architectural history or even your old school or university are ideal. Make sure that you choose your location carefully as it will form the background of the portrait and you do not want it to detract from the beauty of the portrait. On the other extremity, the background should not be overly bright or ornate that it attracts attention to it rather than focus it you. You can also choose an indoor location like a grand hotel or an old museum that boasts of a unique architecture. Just make sure that there is enough lighting so that your photographer will have no trouble in clicking a great picture.

Be Smart While Posing
Many photographers like to take candid pictures of the bride for the wedding portrait. While that might work for wedding photographs, it is best to pose for bridal portraits so that your natural elegance and grace is reflected. While posing it is always best to stand with your body facing three fourth to the photographer, with your weight placed on one foot to look slim and chic. Ask the photographer to click many pictures in different portrait poses so that you have a wide selection of photographs to choose from.

A bridal portrait can become a treasured sentimental keepsake not only for the bride but for her entire family. You are creating a memory of a lifetime, so make sure that your bridal portrait reflects your personality.

Wedding Hairstyles Tips for Thin Hair

No woman is ever satisfied with the hair texture they possess. Thick-haired women complain that their hair turns fizzy, while women with thin hair complain that no hairstyle looks good on them. Although it is true that the number of hairstyles for thin hair is sufficiently less than those with thick hair, with proper styling products people with thin hair can have a good hairstyle as well. The first step in creating a great hairstyle is to have a good haircut. The right haircut can give an illusion of a thicker mane and make hair look voluminous. Talk to your stylist about the kind of volume you want, and create a style that is suitable for your hair texture.

Voluminous Updo
One of the best hairstyles for a bride who has thin fine hair is an updo. But remember that a normal updo where hair is scrapped back from the crown and tied into a chignon or bun is not going to work. You need an updo that is glamorous and chic, and has a soft and feminine look. This will also camouflage the fact that your hair is not that thick. To create a voluminous updo first shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner. While your hair is still a little damp, apply a dollop of volumizing mousse through the front of your hair. Do not get tempted to use too much mousse to create volume, as excess can lead to flattening of the hair. Now blow dry your hair with a paddle brush and blow dryer and take care to lift the hair from the roots while blow drying it. Once your hair has been blow dried, curl one inch section of hair with a medium barreled curling iron. Backcomb hair at the crown area to create volume, and loosely sweep hair to form a low knot at the nape of the hair. Secure the knot with bobby pins and spritz hair with a hairspray.

Romantic Half Updo
Most brides to be with fine hair shy away from a half updo thinking that the style might not suit them. But a half updo looks soft and romantic, and can be created in such a way that it makes thin hair looks voluminous. To create a half updo, shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry hair straight using a round boar bristle brush and blow dryer. To give volume to your hair, apply a bit of volumizing mousse or texturizing cream through your hair. Divide hair into two sections from ear to ear so that you have a front section and a back section. With the help of a rattail comb tease hair in the front section and then pin it back with a few bobby pins. Rake the front section of the hair with your fingers before pinning it back to give a tousled appearance. With a medium barreled curling iron, curl the rest of the hair at the ends.

An Updo with an Accessory
A great way to divert attention from thin hair is to wear a bejeweled accessory like a comb with feathers or a rhinestone encrusted barrette. To create such a hairstyle, first wash and condition hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. While the hair is still a little damp, blow dry hair with a paddle brush. Gather hair into a low chignon and secure with bobby pins. Slide a bejeweled comb or barrette behind your ear. Spritz hair with a strong hold hairspray and you are done. Make sure that the hair accessory you choose is blingy or flashy but not over the top.

Soft Knot
Hairstyles that are too structured and compact do not look very appealing on a bride. So opt for a soft knot that gives your face definition. One of the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair is a soft knot. To create this hairstyle, apply hairspray to your hair and then tease the roots of the hair at the crown with a comb. Gather the hair back into the nape of your head, and secure it into a low ponytail. Brush the underside of the ponytail to create a rough texture and then wind the ponytail into a knot. Let the edges of the ponytail stick out from the knot, and secure the knot with U- shaped pins.

If you are still not satisfied with your wedding hairstyle, then you can consider using hair extensions. Hair extensions will give your hair volume, and then you can create any hairstyle you like.

Choosing Elegant Ivory Wedding Shoes

download-4Brides the actual are not just trying to find style. Your wedding shoes should match together with your dress, if you intend to wear a shorter or knee-length dress, you’d better wear heels, given that it will build your legs look slimmer and longer. If so, gold bridal shoes will truly make this info pop. It’s straightforward in this your options are genuinely a matter of what you like and what footwear enables you to really feel gorgeous. It is merely out of question to utilize uncomfortable shoes to the whole day.

Bride can choose what she likes which enable it to match well with the wedding ceremony dress. Not only would they be uncomfortable but they’d be unsafe as well. Don’t buy shoes that makes you dance or shoes that make you squeeze. Gardens with summer themes permit dresses with airy fabrics and materials. This yet again brings about the talk of which of the two given types of shoes can be more advantageous to some bride- open toe wedding shoes or closed toe wedding shoes.

Your gown, headpiece plus your jewellery will perform almost all from the talking available for you for this working day. Depending on the design of bridesmaid dresses that you have chosen, it is possible to find any dyeable shoe style to fit it perfectly. Keep in mind the fuller your gown, the a reduced amount of your shoe will show; conversely, if the gown is slender, a substantial amount of your footwear will peep out whenever you walk. Yet another aspect which could not be so apparent is the place where the length of one’s wedding gown impacts your wedding day shoe possibilities. You need to wear them whenever you obtain the time.

A great deal of these locations are apt to have items listed dramatically reduced than others you can find in a very designer shop. She can proclaim her Keds as her wedding shoes and no one is able to object. If you’re, the chances are you realize already that your attire is amongst the most important elements of your wedding party. The actual tantalizing and bold brides are often selecting snazzier coloured wedding shoes. Perfect wedding shoes undoubtedly enhance clothes of your beloved partner.

Sofft’s Olina pumps in white patent leather possess a 3″ stacked heel and adjustable buckle. Just like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin has been captivating one’s heart of women through his wedding shoes. Recently, travel-themed and ethnic weddings are getting popular with jetsetter couples. These shoes are just suitable for weddings, especially indoor ones. You should consider asking for some suggests from your custom whether your chose footwear would suit your gown.

Unique Wedding Theme Idea

Beach, garden wedding, fairy tale, Asian theme, winter, spring, summer or fall wedding themes are so used up by so many couples who have gotten married in the past decades. For sure, you want a unique and something new idea for your own wedding. Why not use your birthstone as your wedding theme? There is a corresponding birthstone on each month. Every birthstone has color, and each of them as an equivalent meaning. It would be great to convey the meaning of your birthstone on your wedding or that something you wish for on your married life. If you do not know your birthstone, here is the list.

  • January’s red birthstone is a garnet. The meanings include friendship, trust, guidance and power.
  • February’s purple birthstone is amethyst and symbolizes peace, protection, power, wisdom and spirituality.
  • March’s greenish-blue birthstone, aquamarine, is associated with water and protection. It often signifies health and hope.
  • April’s birthstone is the ever-popular diamond. Diamonds represent eternity and strength.
  • May’s birthstone is an emerald. This deep green stone represents rebirth, life and healing.
  • June has two birthstones. The white pearl represents purity and virtue, while the color-changing alexandrite represents luck and love.
  • July’s red birthstone, ruby, represents health, wisdom, harmony and love.
  • August’s vibrant lime-green birthstone, peridot, symbolizes protection, power and life.
  • September’s blue birthstone is sapphire. This gem represents faith, protection and truth.
  • October’s birthstone varies, but it is often a multi-colored opal representing change.
  • November’s yellow-orange birthstone, the topaz, represents strength, sanity and life.
  • December’s blue birthstones–tanzanite, zircon and turquoise–symbolize peace and tranquility.

A beautiful stone for every month, each with a special meaning. You can base the color of your gowns and dresses from the color of your birthstone gem. Also, for your wedding invitation card designs, reception decoration, reception table centerpiece, and even you wedding favors would be on their exquisite daintiness as they resemble your birthstone wedding theme. As your bridal accessories, your birthstone gems would be a perfect match on your gown. Even for your wonderful maid of honor, beautiful bridesmaids, and very cute flower girls can be accessorized with the birthstone gems you used for your wedding theme. Just imagining yourself with the elegance of your birthstone gem wedding theme, you will surely be delighted with the outcome of the event. Each sparkle brings a future that enhances every mood of your guest. This is certainly a new unique wedding theme idea that you can have for your wedding. With this, you would never have to wonder anymore how your wedding will be.

Try to check here if you are looking for more ideas of your wedding apparels that would correspond to your wedding theme. If you choose to have your wedding arranged by utilizing your birthstone gem and color, you will definitely be offered a wide variety of options to choose from; from wedding invitations, decorations, accessories, wedding favors, and even your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas for You

images-5There are numerous ways in which the car can be decorated for a wedding. There are two parts of a wedding ceremony; in the first part, the bride and her family come for the wedding, and in the second, the bride and groom make their getaway for the reception. In the first case, the car decoration needs to be very formal, whereas in the second, one can be as creative and mischievous as one wants. There are no limits to decorating the car in which the happy couple leaves for the reception. This is where original and creative ideas can manifest themselves.

In the first instance, when the bride is being taken to the church for the wedding, the car should be embellished according to the likes and choice of the bride. The decoration should try to reflect her personality and the wedding theme. For some brides, it would be a simple and formal decoration, but for others there could be an element of humor added to it. Decorating the getaway car is the prerogative of the bride’s and groom’s friends and family, and according to some traditions, also the Best Man. The bride or groom may also give the task of the car decor to someone who is more creative or a professional who will carry out the job as expected. The beautification of the car should be done in a careful manner, as it would be very difficult to make changes later.

Embellishment of the wedding car can be done using a classic flower wreath, which will certainly make the car look attractive. If the wedding is an upscale one, try not to use flying streamers and shoe-polish signs painted on the car, as it can offend the guests. The flower wreath can be placed on the bonnet, with its ends tucked into the trunk lid to prevent it from falling. Sticking flowers all over the car is one of the traditional ideas. Flower bunches can also be used, which give an elegant look to the vehicle.

Tying a few red ribbons and a flower garland with a Just Married sign is also a good idea. Ribbons are a good affordable option that also looks graceful. Ensure that you don’t over-decorate the car, else it would then look like a party car instead of meant for a wedding. Whether you use washable paints or any other material for the signs, make sure that the message is clearly visible to the viewers. For a summer wedding, one can use hot pink ribbons, while cream-colored ribbons would be more appropriate for an upscale wedding. If the whole event is planned to be on the formal side, then the use of sheer organza ribbons would be suitable. The ribbons can be mantled over the car, or can be used as bows.

A common way to decorate the getaway car is to tie beer cans to the bumper, using strings and a big hand-painted Just Married sign. Nowadays, people like to try new methods of decorating wedding cars with unique messages and signs. Such messages are sometimes scrawled on the windows, but one needs to ensure that they don’t obstruct the driver’s view. Use liquid chalk for writing such messages, as they can be easily cleaned up and don’t cause any damage to the car’s paint. There are attractive heart-shaped magnets available in the stores or on the Internet which can be used for printing the names of the bride and the groom. They can be easily stuck on or removed from the car’s exterior. The aerial of the car can also be used to tie a colorful balloon or some other light objects which will catch the attention of passers-by.

There are many more tips and ideas for decorating the wedding car to make it look attractive and appealing to the eyes. However, using your own imagination and originality may inspire you to come up with an exclusive style that will remain embedded in the minds and photographs of the couple getting married.

Ways to Choose a Wedding Ring for Men

A symbol of love and togetherness, a band becomes a silent witness to the wedding day. Also considered to be a sign of eternity and the gate to an unknown future, the ring or the wedding band has surely made its presence felt. Whether you decide to choose a trendy or timeless piece, a wedding band has to match up to your lifestyle and personality as well as to personal taste and preferences.

Creating a Style
Before you get anywhere near deciding the material for the ring, it would be good if you decide on the style statement you want to make. While classic wedding bands are the most favored choice, you can choose between that and modern varieties which will complement the ring of the bride. While making a choice, remember that you will be sporting your ring daily, which means no matter what style you choose, it should make you comfortable to carry out your daily chores.

Metal Preferences
The wide range of metal choices for wedding rings include gold, silver, tungsten, platinum, and titanium.


When it comes to deciding on a ring for a wedding, the most sought-after option that comes to mind is a gold band. The most popular styles include white, rose, and yellow gold bands. Gold being soft and malleable can be easily engraved. If practicality is your key concern, opt for lower karat gold bands as they are alloyed with stronger metals to make them durable.


One of the most rare and valuable metals, platinum is increasingly becoming a popular choice for wedding bands. It is hypoallergenic and preferred for its high-gloss appearance; however, like gold, it is malleable and prone to scratches. Platinum bands are purer, heavier, stronger, and more prestigious than any other wedding band.


When it comes to affordability, wedding bands set in silver top the list. Highly reflective once polished, sterling silver bands are the most economical choice you have in hand. Opt for a rhodium-plated sterling silver ring to protect it from tarnishing; however, remember that you would have to polish the band on a regular basis as silver is prone to tarnishing and scratches.


Titanium, being an industrial metal, is strong and durable, rendering it suitable for long-lasting wedding bands. It is hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Titanium rings are distinguished with its relatively darker hue and surprising lighter weight, thus, making it an ideal choice for men who aren’t used to sporting jewelry.


Tungsten bands are hard and scratch-resistant; besides, they are not malleable like gold, silver, or platinum, thus, being an ideal choice. They are hypoallergenic and heavier in comparison to other metals; however, they are brittle and prone to breaking if accidentally dropped or knocked on a hard surface.

Stainless steel wedding bands are strong, durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to scratches, and lighter on the pocket, making it the perfect choice for budget weddings. It is also 100% recyclable and needs just a quick wipe with a soft cloth to reveal its shiny frame.

Ceramic rings have a flossy finish; besides, they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and scratch-resistant. These rings are hard, making them brittle and prone to shattering on contact with hard surfaces at high impact. However, they are cost-effective and durable even though they cannot be resized like the softer metals.

Frame Profile
Wedding bands come in a variety of frame shapes. They can be rounded inside out so as to make them sit comfortably on the finger, or they could be flat on the inside and rounded on the outer side to provide a comfortable shape. Then there are the flat varieties which make the ring look chunkier than their counterparts. You will also come across rings with a halo profile, which when held, seem perfectly round, and the concave profile lends a fresh dimension to the shape of the ring.

Once you have decided on the material and profile of the ring, you should consider the detailing. While most men prefer “no bling” rings, there are some who can carry a few stones well. A tiny single stone set in the ring is definitely worth the attention it garners. Wedding rings need not be jazzy; however, you could opt for an engraved ring that is simple and classy. Another option is to choose a matching patterned ring for the two of you, which will make it unique and reflect your love for each other. You can choose from semi-precious stones and diamonds that are set in a plethora of styles.

What kind of finish do you prefer? You can choose a highly reflective finish like a mirror or a fine matt finish, giving you a misty-looking ring. You can also opt for textured, hammered, or embellished rings, or those with a Stardust finish to make his ring stand out. Another option worth considering is milgrain- or beveled-edge rings that make quite a style statement.

Generally, the band for a man is slightly thicker compared to the one chosen for women. However, the band width depends largely on your man’s comfort level and preference. The most popular width for men’s wedding bands rests at 6 mm; however, you will find bands that range from 2 mm to the bulky 10 mm. It is imperative to invest in one that will suit the hand of the wearer.

Last but not the least, do not forget to buy a ring that will fit snugly. You do not want to end up with a size too big or too small, making it uncomfortable for the wearer. Ensure you take perfect measurements when purchasing as well as trying on rings to know the size that fits you best.
Buying wedding rings is no easy task; however, it can be made interesting by shopping together and paying attention to details. To be on the safe side, purchase your rings well in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments owing to hurried purchases.

Best Wedding Personalized Gifts

This article will give readers a quick run through of all of the types of wine and champagne available at Engrave-A-Remembrance. These products are available elsewhere, as well, and they are some of the most flavorful, standard wines and champagnes out there. They can be excellent housewarming gift ideas, retirement gift ideas, and serve as unique personalized wedding gifts.They can also be highly enjoyable for any given day or party, and they tend to bring people together in the common experience of drinking a palatable, fine wine. Dom Perignon is a type of vintage champagne made by the champagne house called Moët & Chandonand.

This type of champagne serves as that house’s reputed champagne. The name comes after a Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, who was an integral pioneer for champagne wine. Korbel Extra Dry Champagne can be described as a crisp, off dry champagne. It is light, refreshing and very easy to like. Accent flavors are citrus, melon, and spice, which gives the champagne an edge, and makes it a memorable gift. Martini and Rossi Asti is a sparkling wine that is lower than most in alcohol, low in acidity, fresh, fruity, and particularly aromatic. Martini and Rossi Asti is also a great partner to fruity desserts, pastry, and ice cream. It’s very sweet and likeable.

Moet and Chandon Champagne can be characterized as a sparkling wine with high-toned minty graphite accents to the aroma, and further, with a citric edge on the palate. You might identify lemon and bread or doughy notes. It finishes tightly, with crispness that is satisfying for most. Similar to this champagne is the Moet Nectar Imperial Champagne. Piper-Hiedsieck Brut Champagne is a non-vintage wine, composed of 55% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, and 30% Pinot Meunier. Last but not least, there is the Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne, which is flavorful and exciting.

Drinkers have described it as having hints of toast and biscuit accents, lightly honeyed flavors of quince, apple blossom and peach. It is a fresh and balanced champagne. There’s hardness beneath these soft, sweet flavors, and it ends with a smoky sort of finish. Any of these wines or champagnes will serve as perfect ideas for housewarming or retirement occasions, as well as any weddings or major birthdays that deserve a special toast. Try one or try all of them.

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